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Talking to Todd (Formerly of I Was a Cub Scout)

So I guess the less I say about these two, the better. I don’t really listen to them at all these days. But as a 15 to 16 year old guy, these were weirdly life affirming. It’s pretty nostalgic to listen to I Was a Cub Scout. I don’t listen to them anymore, it’s just not my thing, but I sent Todd an email a while ago, and he finally got around to answering the questions. Here they are, unedited, because it’s like, y’know, raw or something.

I was reliving some nostalgia and watched your video for “Pink Squares”. You’d written on a comment. You gave your email address, on the basis that it’s a nostalgic experience to relive IWACS. Do you often think about IWACS?

not as much as i used to but i do still think about it. I have quite mixed feelings about iwacs.

I do sometimes miss performing live, the larger support tours and festivals we did were amazing and i have great feelings thinking over those experiences.

The music and live performances were all i wanted out of music, i had no interest in a career or making lots of money. i just wanted to play music in front of people and hope that they enjoyed it.

I personally have a lot of sentiment toward your band. Your music captured the zeitgeist of my adolescence. I know that there are other people who felt that project summated their feelings and angst. Retrospectively, was that that the biggest accomplishment of IWACS?
i was 16-18 when i wrote all the iwacs stuff. I still felt like a kid i had never had a proper job and had dropped out of college to start touring. Now looking back my feelings are similar as it sums up a time when i was an angst ridden teenager. 

I am happy that anyone enjoyed what we were doing.

 ”Pink Squares” 

When you listen back to your old songs, how do you feel?
pleased with what we managed to do at the time. I have not played guitar in about 2 years but i still think i could remember every song. i enjoy  a few songs but not all of them, i feel some songs on the album were a little rushed and we could of done a better job given a little longer.

But i quite like worker bees and save your wishes. some other songs too but there probably my favourites.

Raw emotions are evident in the band’s catalogue. And in the life span of the act, it seemed driven by the same thing. What was the best moment you experienced in the band? And what was the absolute worst?
The best moment for me was probably some of the bigger festivals. Both reading and leeds we were happy as a band and quite good friends at this point and it really felt like we were going somewhere. The worst one im not to sure of maybe the end, that broke my heart. Having most of our equipment stolen in america was pretty shit.

"I Hate Nightclubs" 

In March, you announced you were bringing back the band single-handedly. What prompted that?
I was speaking with the iwacs publisher. I had mentioned that i had been working on some new songs, which were instrumentation wise the same sort of thing as iwacs.

it wasnt meant to be ‘iwacs’ just a new band of mine.

I was meant to work on the tracks and try record some demos but really it came to nothing other than a few loops and a bad idea.

And so, what prompted the cancellation?
I am very indecisive, i was thinking about it racking my brain weather i could really force myself to play some iwacs material. I spoke to william about it and asked if he wantyed to do a few gigs maybe. then we didnt speak again, i dont think i could really do it.

So if you’d had a second album, what direction would it have taken?
like worker bees, i would of liked it to get bigger more layers more instrumentation. More ambient and drawn out ideas then 2 or three ideas in a 3 minute song.

Have you spoken to Will since your split?
Yes twice, hr told me he met kanye west and how crazy he was. Which doesnt surprise me. i hold no grudge now i am more than past it now. He was one of the few people out of all my old ‘band’ friends to wish me well with my baby and i really apreciated that.

How do you differentiate the Todd Marriott of 2012, to the one of 2007?
far less erratic and overemotional, much calmer, relaxed and often way to high.

Im sorry for my 5 month delay, it really made me think looking at these questions and for a long while i couldnt find an answer to some of them.