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I just really like the West Australian politician Troy Buswell

Two Strangers in the Dark

Some more words from me, for DIY. This time, it’s about my joint-favourite (sorry…) album of 2012: Wild Nothing’s Nocturne.

So, a guy makes music by himself. He works under a title that mirrors his sonic ability to dabble between the overstated and understated. In the end, he crafts something that could only be like ‘Nocturne’. On a record that’s a proud pastiche of every 1980s genre that ended in “pop,” Wild Nothing exposes himself completely. His songs reflect the art he loves and the way he feels and the things he sees. It’s so natural, so earnest, that Nocturne comes off as a voyeuristic look at a world – Jack Tatum’s world: You’ll want to sing (alone) and dance (together). You’ll come away inspired, enlightened, and itching to experience a love like paradise.